Bol – Island of Brac

SymBol od the Adriatic!
Bol is a small town situated on the southern coast of the island of Brac, under the Vidova Gora mountain (778m), which is the highest top of the Adriatic islands. From Vidova Gora you have an amazing view on Dalmatian islands and sometimes even Italy is visible. It is the oldest town on the island dating back to 12th century. Its popularity is due to one of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches on the Mediterranean – Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn), which is located 2 km from the center of the town. This pebble stone beach has a unique shape and it stretches more than 500 meters into the sea, whose cape is changing its position, turning from the west to the east depending on the sea current and the wind. Bol is one of the leading destinations in Croatia and the winner of the title Absolute Champion of Croatian Tourism for 2009, 2010 and 2011, but the interesting fact is that Bol was a Champion of Adriatic Tourism back in 1965 and from that date Bol earned this title 17 times. There are 10 km of small pebble beaches along the coast of the island, where you can enjoy the breathtaking nature and crystal clear sea.

What to Visit

In Bol, there are many monuments and interesting places to visit. Dominican Monastery which dates back to 1475 with its museum where you can see an impressive collection of ancient maritime archeology, numismatic collection, Roman and Croatian sculptures and paintings, including the famous painting of Venetian painter Tintoretto from 1563. There are churches and chapels you can visit during your stay, including a small chapel of St. John and St. Theodore near the Zlatni rat beach dating back to the pre-Roman period. A unique attraction is a House within the House, a result of a land dispute that dates back to 16th century. You can also visit the main art gallery, Deskovic gallery placed in an old baroque palace from 17th century, many exhibitions and events are organized within the palace. Don’t forget to pay attention to many stone sculptures dotted around the town and along the promenade to Zlatni Rat. Also, take a tour through the wine cellar in the center of the town where you can taste some of the most famous Croatian wines.

Bol Brac monastery

Sport and Recreation

If you want to have an active vacation than Bol is the right place for you. Bol is a true paradise for all fans of water sports, it offers perfect conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Each year there are various events organized from IFCA Slalom World Championship, Euro Cup and many more. Scuba diving is also very popular in Bol, there many amazing dive sites to visit. For more info see Big Blue Diving. There is an enormous Tennis center with 27 tennis courts. You can take beginner or advanced tennis courses for adults while your children can take tennis courses at Tennis Academy Mickey with Walt Disney license. There are many tennis tournaments organized in Bol each year. There are many other outdoor activities that you can practice like cycling (on numerous off-road paths on the island), beach volleyball, laser sailing, quad tours, basketball, boccie, table tennis and much, much more. You can also take a tour with a small submarine or do the fishing tours.


In Bol, you can enjoy traditional Dalmatian cuisine which makes part of the Mediterranean cuisine. Traditional Dalmatian dishes are rich with herbs like rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme and basil. There is a large use of extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Brac like many other Dalmatian islands is famous for its olive oil, wine and herbs cultivation and you can buy them in some shops in the town center. The most famous dishes are prepared with lamb meat, fish and shells. Some of the traditional dishes we recommend you to try are: Dalmatian smoked ham, Olives and islands famous goat cheese as an appetizer, Black risotto, Dalmatian pasticada (stewed beef in wine with prunes and vegetables) and grilled fish with vegetables. Bol is also famous for its old winery and wine cellar and medal winning wines like Stina Posip and Stina Plavac. We also recommend you to try Prosek, nectar sweet wine.

Black risotto


There are numerous bars, restaurants, cocktail bars in the center of the town. There are two open-air cocktail bars, Varadero in the center of the town and Auro Cocktail bar on the beach Zlatni rat and a discotheque Ela near the beach. You can enjoy delicious Dalmatian specialties in numerous restaurants by the sea. During the summer, there are many cultural events organized like classical concerts in the Dominican monastery, jazz and Dalmatian klapa concerts, exhibitions, Bol Summer Night – once a week event in the center of town with a rich gastronomic offer and music program. Another interesting event is held in September and it is International Bol Summer Carnival.

Nearby Destinations

There are many excursions organized from the town of Bol, so you can visit some amazing places nearby like ethnological site Blaca Desert, a monastery built under a steep cliff back in 16th century. The monastery consists of a few interconnected houses, chapel, a small school and a commercial building. In the library, there are more than 11,000 titles printed in the monastery from 1895. Dragon Cave is an amazing monument, a place where the monks lived 600 years ago and left some apocalyptic reliefs in the stone. It is 20 meters long with high walls that dived the cave in four halls. There are many daily excursions you can take to nearby islands like Hvar, Korcula, Vis (Blue Cave) or historical city of Split

Bol Souvenirs

If you want to take a part of this amazing island with you, then a perfect souvenir for you is one made of Brac stone (white limestone clocks, mortar and pestles, flowers, candlestick holders etc.). A bottle of a gold medal winning Wine Stina Plavac is also a great present you can take for yourself or you friends and family. Dalmatia and island of Brac are also famous for their high-quality extra virgin olive oil, there are boutiques and shops where you can find numerous homemade high-quality eco-products like extra virgin olive oil, sweet figs, wine, canned olives and much more.


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