St. Catherine Polyclinic

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital opened their clinic subsidiary in Zagreb – St. Catherine Polyclinic, located at Trpinjska 9 where the polyclinic operates in the premises of the area of 500 m2. The Polyclinic has seven specialist outpatient facilities (Clinic for orthopaedics, Clinic for painful conditions of the spine, Clinic for anaesthesiology treatment of pain, Clinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation, Clinic for radiological diagnostics, Clinic for surgery, Clinic for neurology), and Clinic for physical therapy.

On 2 May 2011, Croatian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare issued a decision confirming that St. Catherine Specialty Hospital meets all the requirements for the performing of hospital activities of orthopaedics, specialist counselling in orthopaedics, surgery, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care and radiology, as well as daycare hospital activities for surgery needs


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