St. Michael’s Fortress

St. Michael’s fortress located at a height of 70m above the sea level and often called the St. Anne’s fortress by the locals, offers a spectacular view of the city and the Šibenik channel. The fortress was mentioned for the first time back in 998 as castrum built to protect the entrance to the bay and Krka river. Over time, the fortress was expanded several times, destroyed, rebuilt and finally in the 16th century it got structured as we see it today. one of the most prestigious stages in the region, which organizes various cultural, musical and theatrical events, thus contributing to the image of the Republic of Croatia, and especially the city of Šibenik, as must-see destinations of cultural tourism.

Today fortress is one of the most prestigious stages in the region and during the summer many cultural, musical and theatrical events are organized. Daily ticket price is 50 kn for adults and 30 kn for children (under 5 years – free entrance) and the ticket is valid for visiting the fortress of St Mihovil as well as the Barone fortress.


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