Dubrovnik Tourist Promo Video wins another award

If we should talk about the award winning cities and places in Croatia, Dubrovnik would surely be in the first place and if you already visited it, then you also know why. It is a city with centuries of rich history, that looks almost unreal with its impressive old town walls, narrow streets, famous tiled roofs and much more. Dubrovnik does not need much promotion, its spectacular beauty was already seen by millions of people, but for those who haven’t visited it yet, Dubrovnik Tourist Board made an amazing video that will make you want to be there, right now!

Dubrovnik Tourist Board’s promo “Dubrovnik and Time”, produced by Balduči Film already won several awards at many prestigious festivals all over the world. “Dubrovnik and Time” achieved extraordinary success since it was released last year in March. The promotional video has achieved remarkable success since it was released a few months The video won the Grand Prix award at the Baku International Tourism Film Festival in Azerbaijan, chosen between 400 promotional videos from all around the world. It also won the silver medal on at the ITB Tourism fair Berlin among 1.500 films and the bronze medal at the prestigious New York Festivals “World’s Best TV & Films” awards in Las Vegas.

On January, 27th world’s best tourism film and the nine Nominees were awarded at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna. Dubrovnik Tourist promo video has been chosen for “Nominee for the Grand Prix CIFFT” together with 8 other promotional videos from Serbia, Turkey, Spain, Finland, Bahamas, Denmark/Greenland, Austria and Myanmar, making a part of Top 9 tourism videos in the world for 2016. “Turkey: Home of Turquoise” video won the Grand Prix CIFFT 2016.

Read more at https://www.welcome-to-croatia.com/news/dubrovnik-tourist-promo-video-wins-another-award/


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