Love International Festival 2017 dates announced

Love International is very proud to announce its boat parties for summer 2017. Following on from the recent reveals for the Olive Grove, Beach Bar, and the Main Stage, the team can now unveil their programming for what is simply an essential part of any visit to Tisno, nestled on the dazzling Adriatic coastline.

Love festival boat party

The festival is now regarded as one of Europe’s most revered adventures, creating its own unique sense of magic in Croatia, with the sold-out debut in 2016 attracting 2,500 fun and music seekers from around the world. For 2017, Love International has again curated one of the most vibrant lineups of recent years in the region, a who’s who of on-point selectors, w

Brijuni National Park

Brijuni Islands (Brionian Islands) are a group of fourteen small islands in northern Adriatic, separated from the west coast of the Istrian peninsula by the Fažana Strait. The largest island is Veliki Brijun Island and it kilometers off the coast. Popular for their impressive beauty, the islands are a famous holiday resort and a Croatian National Park. There is also a Safari Park on the island od Veliki Brijuni, home to a variety of exotic animals, many of them donated as gifts from Croatian diplomatic partners like the Asian elephant and zebu from India. The island has another interesting particularity, as it is home to four sites with over 200 dinosaur footprints from the last period of the Mesozoic Era, absolutely worth visiting.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Istria

Istria is one of the best-kept secrets in the modern world, with incredible cultural and historical heritage, delicious food and friendly people. You will discover places where time has stopped, where flowers adorn centuries-old stone houses, where walking along the medieval streets feels like entering a time machine and find infinite places to see the nature at its best.

Motovun hill

Wander the streets of Pula

Known for its long tradition of shipbuilding, tourism, and winemaking, Pula also stands out among other larger Croatian cities for the rich and well-preserved Roman architecture, the amphitheater being the most famous and dominant part of it. Start by wandering through the beautiful streets and discovering several museums, Roman ruins such as the Arena, Temple of Augustus, Arco dei Sergi, Roman Floor M

10 stunning beaches in Dalmatia

Croatia through the years has become a very popular tourist destination, as it has a rich cultural and historical heritage, stunning landscapes and amazing places to spend a beach holiday. Croatia has more than 1200 islands and islets, but not only, its Adriatic Sea mainland coast is 1,777 kilometers long and it hides numerous amazing beaches, bays, and caves. Its stunning beaches always find their place on the lists of best beaches in the world in many prestigious international magazines, as Zlatni rat beach, which became a trademark of Croatian tourism. Unlike many seaside destinations around the world, Croatia has a limited number of sand beaches, as most of them are made of small, gray and white pebbles. Every major island has well-organized beaches, with umbrellas, beach lounge chairs, showers, water sports rentals, sea rescue service ect., but also numerous hidden and isolated beaches which offer ample tranquility for those in search of total relaxation.

Zlatni Rat beach,

The island of Pag

The island of Pag makes part of the north-Dalmatian archipelago and it is the fifth largest island in Croatia. Two main towns on the island are Pag and Novalja, but there are also several small villages. Due to strong winds mostly during the winter, a large part of the island is rocky with small areas covered with Mediterranean vegetation. Nowadays, Pag is mostly known as one of the best Croatian’s party destinations, thanks to the resort of Novalja, which is located in the north of the island and hosts many summer music festivals and a considerable number of open-air clubs.

Pag lighthouse sea

However, if you are not that much in hard-core partying, don’t avoid the island as there’s much more to do and see there as well! Connected with the bridge to the mainland, the island is easily reachable, but all t

Telašćica Nature Park

Telašćica Nature Park occupies the southeastern part of Dugi Otok island. It is covered in a thick forest of pine, fig and olive trees, dotted with steep cliffs, coves, and islets. The total surface area of the Nature Park is 70.50 km2, with 25.95 km2 on Dugi Otok island and the neighboring islets, and 44.55 km2 at sea. The park is characterized by a Mediterranean vegetation, and it counts more than 400 plant species and also various species of sea life can be found along the coast of the park and the island, 300 animal and 250 plant species including the carnivorous sponge and red corals. Steep cliffs, also called “stene” (stone walls), rise to 200 meters above the sea level and descend to a depth of 85 meters. Telašćica gained the status of a protected area in 1980, then in 1988 was proclaimed nature park, thanks to it valuable flora and fauna, geological and geomorphological phenomena and impressive beauty. The bay was inhabited since the ancient tim

Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia

Years ago Croatia presented itself on the international tourism market with a slogan “Small country for a great holiday” as it perfectly describes what one can expect when coming to Croatia – a fantastic holiday in the country famous for its unspoilt nature, stunning coastline, more than 1200 island surrounded by the crystal clear sea, rich cultural and historical heritage and a long tradition in the tourism industry.

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Croatia has a total of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and they are all well worth visiting – the old city of Dubrovnik, Plitvice National Park, Stari Grad plain, The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik, historic city of Trogir, Stećci Medieval tombstones graveyard, Episcopal complex of the Euphras


Primošten is a small town situated between Šibenik and Trogir in Dalmatia region. It offers a typical Mediterranean landscape with charming narrow streets, densely built traditional village houses, wooden boats and pristine beaches. Just as the town of Trogir, the old town of Primošten was settled on a small islet in order to ensure a better protection from enemy armies. During the Ottoman Empire invasion in the 16th century, the small islet was protected by the walls, fortified towers, and gates. Later the bridge was removed and replaced by an embankment, so the town of Primosten became a peninsula.

Primosten aerial

Historical sites you should visit when in Primošten are the parish church St Juraj built in 1485 on a small hill just in the middle of the old town, the c

Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Croatia

Thanks to the epic TV series, Game of Thrones and its impressive popularity, Dubrovnik and Split received a record number of tourists in the last two years. Most of the filming locations in Croatia were located in Dubrovnik, among the fans of the series better known as the King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros. Dubrovnik is one of the most spectacular places in Croatia, a town that already itself looks like a great filming set. Many other famous movies and TV series were filmed in Dubrovnik, and just last month the town turned into a huge filming set for the new Robin Hood movie with Jamie Foxx as Little John and Taron Egerton as Robin Hood, to be released in 2018.<img class="aligncenter wp-image-5045 size-large" src="×567.jpg&quot; alt="Dubrovnik" width="850"

Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok (Long Island) is the seventh largest island in the Adriatic Sea, located in Dalmatia region, west of Zadar. The name of the island derives from its shape as it is almost 50 km long and between 1 and 5 km wide. The island is sparsely inhabited, as there are only around 1500 inhabitants living in 12 villages. All the villages are clustered on the coast of the island facing the mainland and the part of the coast facing the open sea is uninhabited. The island is characterized by a dramatic landscape of great contrast, with steep slopes, thick pine forests, numerous sandy beaches, hidden bays, and coves. It is a perfect place for those in search of tranquility and relaxing holidays, swimming in the stunningly turquoise sea, enjoying sea, sun, and summer.

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25 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Central Dalmatia

Dalmatia is one of the four Croatian historical regions, alongside Istria, Croatia proper and Slavonia and it stretches from the island of Rab to the Bay of Kotor. Dalmatia is divided into northern, central and southern Dalmatia and in this post, we will show you 25 amazing photos of Central Dalmatia that will make you want to travel there right now. Central Dalmatia stretches from Krka river in the northwest to Makarska Riviera in the south. The most important administrative and cultural center of Central Dalmatia and Dalmatia itself is Split, which has been only a transit hub and a gateway to central-Dalmatian islands for many years to become today one of the top sightseeing destination in Croatia. There are many reasons why you should make Central Dalmatia your next holiday destination, as it has so much to offer whether you prefer relaxing at the beach, discovering the 2000 years old ruins or having fun crashing waves in an acti


Omiš is a charming Central Dalmatian town located just 25 kilometers southeast of Split. It is famous for its rich history, amazing landscapes and as one of the best places in Croatia for adventure holidays.

Omis panorama

What to visit

Other than sunbathing and enjoying in crystal clear sea, there are many interesting things to do and see in Omiš. You will be enchanted by this charming little town, its narrow alleys, squares and beautiful old houses. In Omiš there are several places that witness the rich history of the town and its famous Corsairs of Almissa, who protected Omiš and the mouth of Cetina river from the foreign invaders.

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