Telašćica Nature Park

Telašćica Nature Park occupies the southeastern part of Dugi Otok island. It is covered in a thick forest of pine, fig and olive trees, dotted with steep cliffs, coves, and islets. The total surface area of the Nature Park is 70.50 km2, with 25.95 km2 on Dugi Otok island and the neighboring islets, and 44.55 km2 at sea. The park is characterized by a Mediterranean vegetation, and it counts more than 400 plant species and also various species of sea life can be found along the coast of the park and the island, 300 animal and 250 plant species including the carnivorous sponge and red corals. Steep cliffs, also called “stene” (stone walls), rise to 200 meters above the sea level and descend to a depth of 85 meters. Telašćica gained the status of a protected area in 1980, then in 1988 was proclaimed nature park, thanks to it valuable flora and fauna, geological and geomorphological phenomena and impressive beauty. The bay was inhabited since the ancient times, as evidenced by the ruins of the Roman Villa Rustica from the 1st century.


Telašćica bay is considered to be one of the largest and safest natural ports on the Adriatic and it is surrounded by 13 islands and islets, and 6 of them are located in the bay itself. Maybe the most interesting islet is Taljurić, which resembles a flat board with a diameter of only 60 meters. There is an amazing salt lake, called Mir (Peace) with curative mud, located at 146 meters above the sea level. Its salinity is above average and it is much warmer than the surrounding sea water. The Mir lake is also a habitat of the endemic species of eel called “Bižat” or “Kajman”.

Dugi otok aerial telascica

In the park, you can take many organized tours like diving, cycling, climbing, safari or fishing tour.

Read more about the Telašćica Nature Park on their official webpage.


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