The first underwater winery in Croatia

The grape-growing and wine production tradition in Croatia dates back to Ancient Greek settlers in Dalmatian region, who used amphoras to store their wine. Around 2,500 later, the owners of Edivo Vina winery (Ivo Šegović, Anto Šegovic, Edi Bajurin) came to an idea that will give you another valuable reason to visit Croatia, where they unite history, sea, underwater life, wine, and pure pleasure – they opened the Croatia’s first underwater winery.

Edivo vina souvenir

You have probably already heard about the spectacular city of Dubrovnik, well, just around the corner, there is a small

Create Your Perfect Holiday and Win an Epic Week in Croatia

The Croatian National Tourist Board has launched a promotional interactive campaign “Epic Week – 101 Things” where participants can create their perfect vacation in Croatia by selecting 7 of 101 fantastic experiences. The campaign began on 19th of April and will close on April 30, 2017. The main prize winner will have the opportunity to have a vacation of his dreams in Croatia that may last up to 10 days with the accommodation, full board, air tickets, transfers and consumption of the selected experiences included.

[caption id="attachment_5133" align="aligncenter" width="850"]Epic week peristil Split Croatia Photo credit: carol.anne/Shutterstock,Inc.[/caption]

“101 things” are dived by regions and you can choose from fantastic sports activities, tastings, sightseeing and much more. From

Nature park Kamenjak

Nature Park Kamenjak is located at the peak of Premantura peninsula in Istria, just around 20 km from the town of Pula. More than 30 km of rugged coastline with numerous bays, coves, and beaches makes this spectacular peninsula well worth visiting. There are also several small islands and islets near the mainland, all in swimming distance. Kamenjak is a Croatian hidden gem, a perfect place for nature lovers and those in search of natural hidden treasures. The park is a great cycling location, so it gives you the opportunity to satisfy your craving for adventure while exploring the park and its wonders. Other than cycling, there are numerous activities that you can do like hiking, trekking, kayaking, scuba diving and windsurfing, as Premantura is a famous destination for windsurfing lovers. Cliff jumping is also popular, especially at Kamenjak’s southern tip. Nature park Kamenjak al

Baked Octopus with Potatoes

Baked octopus with vegetables is one of the most popular dishes in Dalmatia. Usually, it is prepared under the lid, some of you who already visited Croatia may know this particular way of preparing food called “Peka”, if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t miss a chance to taste it the next time you visit. Peka is practically a baked dish, like lamb or octopus with vegetables, made in a large pot, covered with “sač” (metal lid), and placed into the embers of a fireplace, covered with ashes and live coals.

the octopus to get it maximally tender, and there are several ways to do that. Fisherman used to beat the octopus vigorously against the rocks, then dip it several times into boiling water, then they would proceed with cooking under the lid or some other way. Don’t forget to read the additional tips.



Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok

Dugi Otok (Long Island) is the seventh largest island in the Adriatic Sea, located in Dalmatia region, west of Zadar. The name of the island derives from its shape as it is almost 50 km long and between 1 and 5 km wide. The island is sparsely inhabited, as there are only around 1500 inhabitants living in 12 villages. All the villages are clustered on the coast of the island facing the mainland and the part of the coast facing the open sea is uninhabited. The island is characterized by a dramatic landscape of great contrast, with steep slopes, thick pine forests, numerous sandy beaches, hidden bays, and coves. It is a perfect place for those in search of tranquility and relaxing holidays, swimming in the stunningly turquoise sea, enjoying sea, sun, and summer.

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The island of Šolta

Šolta is an island situated in Dalmatia region, just south of the city if Split and west of the island of Brač. It is a small island, with a population of only 1700 inhabitants. The island is a perfect destination for all those in search of crystal clear sea, secluded beaches, and delicious fresh food offering ideal conditions for a relaxing and quite holiday.

Solta island view

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and for the first time, it is mentioned by Pseudosilakhs in the 4th century BC under the name Olyntha. Residents were engaged mainly in olive oil and wine production, and fishing which today is more of a sport rather than necessity. As a tourist destination Šolta is interesting to nature lovers, sailors as well as to diving, sport fishing, and hunting lovers.


Soundwave Festival Croatia

Soundwave Reveal Boat Parties
Festival Returns to Tisno for 9th Season in 2017

Soundwave returns to Croatia for its 9th odyssey this summer with its most ambitious range of artists ever

13 boat parties on the Adriatic announced from Eglo Boat, Soul In The Hole, Caramello x PPG, Hidden x High Hoops, X Jazz and many more

Festival’s headliners feature Laura Mvula,  The Pharcyde, Roy Ayers, Gilles Peterson, GoGo Penguin, Roni Size,  Horse Meat Disco, Egyptian Lover, Yussef Kammal, Josey Rebelle, Mndsgn, Sadar Bahar, Moses Boyd: Solo X, Alexander Nut, Mr Thing and many more

Soundwave seamlessly blends holiday and festival into a mesmerizing adventure

Tickets are on sale now from: http://www.s

The Island of Ugljan

The island of Ugljan is located in the region of Dalmatia and it is part of Zadar archipelago. It is separated from the mainland by the Zadar channel and connected with Pasman island by a bridge. The island has been populated since the Neolithic period and today is one of the most densely populated islands in Croatia. Interesting thing is that all settlements on the island are located on the northeastern side.

Ugljan view Zadar

The island of Ugljan is also called “the green island” as it is covered with dense Mediterranean vegetation, vineyards, fig and olive trees. It has a long fishing and olive oil production tradition that dates back to the Roman period, in fact, the small port village of Muline was very famous during the Roman period for the best olive oil in the whole Empire. The island of Ugljan is perfec


Osijek is the biggest city in the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia and the fourth biggest city in Croatia, located on the bank of the Drava river. It is the economic and cultural center of the region, full of new, urban architecture as well as the historical remains that narrate the city’s tumultuous past. The imposing 18th-century fortress dominates the city that is getting more and more popular among Croatian students who choose Osijek as the place to jump-start their university experience. The city has a lot to offer to tourists and visitors as well, and the number of hotels and restaurants has been growing exponentially during the last decade.

What to visit

The city’s fortress, so-called Tvrđa, was built under Habsburg rule to defend the city from Turkish attacks and has remained almost undamaged ever since. Well-preserved baroque-style streets, spacious squares and beautiful mansions will take you to some other time and allow you to exp

Nature park Kamenjak

“A nature reserve on the edge of the world that has 21 metre high cliffs, hidden caves and flat stone surfaces formed by nature, ideal for sunbathing. ” – National Geographic Traveller

Kamenjak park bay

Nature Park Kamenjak is located at the peak of Premantura peninsula in Istria, just around 20 km from the town of Pula. More than 30 km of rugged coastline with numerous bays, coves, and beaches makes this spectacular peninsula well worth visiting. There are also several small islands and islets near the mainland, all in swimming distance. Kamenjak is a Croatian hidden gem, a perfect place for nature lovers and those in search of natural hidden treasures.


Island of Krk

The island of Krk is located in Kvarner Bay in the northern part of Croatia. The island is connected to the mainland by the Krk Bridge and it is located around 40 kilometers from the Croatian third largest city of Rijeka. In the ancient times, Croatia’s biggest island Krk was known as the “golden island” thanks to its natural characteristics. Nowadays, many people visit it for various reasons: either to enjoy its natural beauties, explore its rich cultural heritage or simply to relax during the holidays enjoying the island’s beaches, bars, clubs and similar.

Krk bridge
For many years the island was associated with the number 7, as it was inhabited by the Croats in the 7th century, it survived successfully seven pirate attacks, the 7th Frankopan prince was the last prince of Krk and there are 7 administrative units


Medvednica is a mountain in central Croatia, located north of Zagreb with its highest peak Sljeme, at 1,035 meters. Sljeme is one of the most popular places for a truly relaxing break near Zagreb, where locals love to spend their weekend afternoons surrounded by nature, enjoying in long walks, jogging, cycling or alpinism. Sljeme is also famous for Snow Queen, a World Cup alpine ski race. Most of the area of Medvednica mountain is declared a nature park thanks to its stunning beauty, natural and cultural heritage, geology, special and unique species of plants and rich fauna. Medvednica nature park offers numerous interesting sites to visit and many educational trails, some suitable for families with children and people in wheelchairs. Some of the most popular educational trails are the 500 Horvat’s stairs, Bistra educational trail and the forest trail Bliznec. 500 stone stairs trail was built in the mid