The first underwater winery in Croatia

The grape-growing and wine production tradition in Croatia dates back to Ancient Greek settlers in Dalmatian region, who used amphoras to store their wine. Around 2,500 later, the owners of Edivo Vina winery (Ivo Šegović, Anto Šegovic, Edi Bajurin) came to an idea that will give you another valuable reason to visit Croatia, where they unite history, sea, underwater life, wine, and pure pleasure – they opened the Croatia’s first underwater winery.

Edivo vina souvenir

You have probably already heard about the spectacular city of Dubrovnik, well, just around the corner, there is a small town of Drače, on the Pelješac peninsula, a home to the underwater winery, now opened to visitors. Well, this great news means that now you can finally dive with the personnel of the winery and explore the process of storing their premium wine Plavac Edivo.

underwater winery

“After it has been bottled and placed in a terracotta amphora, it is sunken under the sea to the depth of 18–25 meters. All of them are perfectly stored, laid on its cork and scattered on several locations of Pelješac aquatorium. It ages in bottles for three months, and later on under the sea for one to two years. The result is a perfect thermal condition, creating a beautiful layer of shells, corrals, and algae. Wine does not lose any of the aroma, quality or color. Natural cooling in ideal conditions and a perfect silence improved the quality. Try it and see it yourself. Bring home a unique souvenir from the depths of the Adriatic sea.” – Edivo Vina.

Edivo vina plavac

But if you are not inspired by the idea of going underwater in search of a unique experience, well, you can take a piece of history with you and buy the bottles and amphoras that stood underwater for around two years and are covered with marine growth like seashells, corals, and algae. So, when visiting Dalmatia, don’t miss the chance to taste region’s delicious food with a glass of Plavac Edivo.

Edivo vina dining

Photo credit – Edivo Vina.


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