Zlatni Rat among the most beautiful beaches in the world

America’s first fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, placed Croatia’s most famous beach Zlatni Rat among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Well, that is not much of a surprise as the beach gets recognized by many other world’s famous magazines annually and if you have ever been there, you know why.

Zlatni rat beach

Zlatni rat beach is situated on the southern coast of the Island of Brac, less than 2 km from a beautiful town of Bol. There is a lovely promenade under the pine trees shade leading from the town to the beach, along which you can find many other small beaches, restaurants, bars and playgrounds for children. Zlatni rat’s elegance and allure have made it the symbol of both the island and Croatia. This fascinating 500 meters long pebble beach has a unique shape, like a tongue that stretches into the sea. The curiosity about this beach is that it changes its shape and position, depending on the wind, tide and the current. The pine tree grove which borders the beach is home to the remnants of a Roman Villa Rustica, which included a swimming pool. Zlatni rat beach is protected by the government of Croatia as a geomorphological monument.

Zlatni rat waterpark

European Beast Destination, one of the most popular sites for promoting tourism in Europe, also placed Zlatni rat as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Other than Zlatni rat, on the list, there is also Podrace beach (Brela) and Stiniva beach (island of Vis). So, don’t you think it’s time to book your next vacation on the island of Brač?

Zlatni rat beach Bol Croatia
Read more at https://www.welcome-to-croatia.com/news/zlatni-rat-among-the-most-beautiful-beaches-in-the-world/


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